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A fun and exciting time in the kitchen learning all the basic areas of food preparation.  Classes will consist of Nutrition & Review of Food Planning Meals, Reading Labels, Eating Healthy on a Budget & Grocery Shopping, Adapting/Creating Recipes, and Experiencing Social Activities around Food. Classes will also focus on Cooking Skills, Kitchen, Food & Food Storage Safety, Use of “over the counter” Utensils for Cooking, Freezing & Thawing Food, and the safe use of kitchen equipment.




Learning takes place every day and in everything we do.  During this class different topics including math skills, literacy and language skills will take place!   Numeracy, counting, equations, fractions, money awareness and more in math. You will be guided to extend your own letter knowledge beyond simple recognition and work on sight words and how to construct simple sentences. The literacy-oriented activities provided will involve communication skills, listening, speaking, and reading.



SPIRIT Club’s philosophy is a Universal Design for Fitness and community inclusion. We are excited to launch our partnership with Harmony In Action to bring our virtual fitness and healthy lifestyle classes to you!

Whether you’re a total beginner or exercise on your own, our unique and fun classes will allow you to follow a trainer from our multi-trainer classes based on your ability level. SPIRIT Club allows you to successfully work toward your fitness goals virtually.



Harmony in Action has participants that attend daily with a wide variety of functioning levels and for that reason our smart board room is used on a daily basis. For example, some of our clients handle math well but are not so advanced in other subjects, while others are great with money skills but cannot grasp mathematical teachings. This creates difficulties in teaching to different needs. Staff must rearrange the group by subject and functioning level, as well as prepare the information so that each level meets their individual need. Teaching our clients life skills is an essential task. We do not want to decrease our ability or the effectiveness of teaching these skills because of the challenges of having such a diverse group of clients. Having a SMART Board helps us tremendously with keeping up with individual requirements. In obtaining a SMART Board, we are able to organize different levels of each subject in disks for the computer, resulting in less preparation time and a more efficient teaching environment. The SMART Board is easy to use, when the lessons are set on the board the participants can write on the board with their finger or the marker whichever easiest for them. The SMART Board makes it easy for group activities each day. The SMART Board allows the staff to reinforce skills using online interactive websites, and develop more computer skills.




A Snoezelen Room is a multi-sensory therapy room. It is a non-threatening environment for children and adults with disabilities or other limiting conditions. Participants experience self-control, autonomous discovery, and exploration-achievements that overcome inhabitations, enhance self-esteem and reduce tension. Snoezelen Rooms can be used to stimulate, relax, calm or energize. This room allows one to forget about the stresses and problems of daily life. It helps participants feel free from the pressures of living with a disability and they are able to become detached from their medical diagnosis and known limitations. Snoezelen Room’s do this by providing various stimuli for the five senses. Snoezelen rooms incorporate dimmed lights and a calming atmosphere. This is achieved by using use such stimuli as mobiles, bubble tubes, lights, cushion floors, music and tactile objects. These multi-sensory rooms have been proven to decrease negative behaviors, improve memory and vocalization, decrease feeling of pain and improve one’s general mood. By their very nature, Snoezelen Rooms have been shown to be beneficial for individuals living with disabilities.