Rights of Persons
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Rights of Persons

The following are basic rights of the persons attending Harmony In Action.

Right: Each person attending Harmony In Action’s Day Program or any other program offered thru Harmony In Action has the same human rights as anyone else living in Ontario.


Responsibility: As a citizen of Ontario you need to act responsibly, like you would expect others to act. You must remember the laws of Ontario, and must not break any laws or you could be charged with a crime.



Right: Every person living in South Western Ontario has the right to use services offered by the Government of Ontario.


Responsibility: To follow the rules to receive these services and not abuse them. For example, to receive health services you must have a health card.



Right: Harmony In Action’s services will not be withheld because of race, religion or ethnic background.


Responsibility: We need to remember that if we make fun of people, or try to keep people out of activities, that this is discrimination. We are all equal and should treat others with respect.



Right: Each person attending Harmony In Action has the right to be part of community activities.


Responsibility: To behave in a way that is socially acceptable when out in the community and when attending these activities, so that you are able to participate in the activities you would like to join.



Right: Each person has the right to be treated with respect at all times and to be free of abuse.


Responsibility: To treat others with respect so that you are treated with respect in return. All citizens have the right to be free of verbal, emotional, physical and sexual abuse. You must not abuse others in any of these ways. It is important to talk to someone if you see or experience abuse.



Right: Each person has the right to have an Individual Plan of Care and to have reasonable guidance and the support they require.


Responsibility: To understand that some goals may be risky, or dangerous to you or others. In this case we will try to find an agreeable compromise that will still help you achieve your dreams.

Right: Every participant of Harmony In Action has the right to privacy and confidentiality.


Responsibility: At Harmony In Action we take your privacy very seriously, and try our best to keep your personal information private. Your responsibility is to understand that sometimes in emergencies it may be necessary for us to share some of your personal information with others to ensure your safety and health.



Right: Each person and their family or advocate (with consent) has the right to review their records according to agency policies.


Responsibility: To understand that when you wish to see your file you must make an appointment so that staff can sit with you to go through it in case you have questions. To understand that nothing can be taken out of your file by others without your consent in order to protect your privacy.



Right: Each person has the right to know about their rights and the Rights Review Complaint form.


Responsibility: To attend trainings on your rights so that you have the information. To be aware of the Rights Restriction Complaint Form and to use it for those rights you feel have been taken away from you so that we can better support you.



Right: Each person has the right to be consulted and express their views when decisions about services and future planning are discussed.


Responsibility: To understand that we think your opinions are important, and we will listen to you. But sometimes changes have to happen because of policies, guidelines and health and safety concerns.